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The planet S.C.O.U.R.G.E. takes place on bears the beautiful name Eilana; it is the only known isle of life in the spaces of Arcanum. Eilana features one supercontinent, called Asnodil, surrounded by a few adjacent islands. The map shown below extends to about 80 degrees north and south; there is no land at the poles.

Currently, the world is in an ice age and deciduous leaf trees thrive in near-equatorial regions. The tropics themselves are dominated by vast grass savannahs due to the continental climate inside the main landmass, and the enormous mountain range in the west blocking humid west winds.

On the northern hemisphere, the temperatures are harsher than in the south. This has partly to do with the fact that it consists mainly of highlands, and partly with a combination of the planet's axis tilt and orbit variations.

Eilana is populated by several intelligent races.

ArthelUrimelGormorilGrimvilBarmondelFarmondelHorghhOrnEmerilThuzgolMinatAlloviumBalfianUrtepOlmanNederianArgolBattle at Manar RiverDowns of UrimelIsle of EmerilWoods of UrtepGeinaror ridgeKarantil mountain ridgeDwarven hillsidesPlains of GarmoskodLonely seasMasnadil highsWoods of AlloviumNorthern forestsGusty hillsManar lowlandsLand of the two streamsFarmondel islandTinran plainsSwamps of ArthelLand's endGrimvil peninsulaMinat lowlandsLittoral of OrnElven hillsidesWestern forestsArgol woodsBitter plainsScourge-map
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