Woods of urtep map

Map of the Woods of Urtep.

The Woods of Urtep span the utmost southeast of Asnodil and part of Olmana, a neighboring major island. Once officially disputed between the humans and elves, local leaders have since made mutual cession agreements, as the tragedy of ongoing guerilla war in the Bitter plains should not spread to the Urtep woods. The elves mainly settle in the north, the northeast and on Olmana today. The humans settle the south (including Urtep) and the east.

The region is nearly entirely woodlands. A stretch of tropical rainforest spans the northernmost mainland part from coast to coast, changing into a subtropical, dry pine forest on the southern mainland. The island area has a temperate climate where broad-leaved trees thrive. Along the continental west coast conditions are very humid, with windless, muggy summers.

The woods are extensively cultivated in settled areas, making the region the main source of grain and cattle in the southeast.

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