Woods of allovium map

Map of the Woods of Allovium.

The Woods of Allovium are a huge primeval forest area in the southern part of central Asnodil. The elves originated here and until the present day put great value on preserving the woods in their pristine form. The land is cultivated exclusively around major settlements, of which quite a few exist though, most notably Allovium.

The Woods are solely populated by elves, as members of other races are seen as ignorant regarding nature and as a potential threat to the forest's integrity. There are a few human fishing villages along the south coast however which are tolerated and also traded with.

The northern Woods have a subtropical, dry climate; pine trees, briers and various forms of succulents are the dominant vegetation. Around Allovium and further to the south, the climate gets warm-temperate and humid and deciduous trees take over. The utmost south and southeast see occasional light snow fall in the winter.

Regions of Eilana
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