This is a simple user-contributed wishlist. Features listed here are not guarranteed to go into the next (or any) Scourge release. This is for inspiring the coders only, not for dictating to them. Be clear and concise and categorize it accordingly. If it's easy (or being worked on) put in near term, if it's not trivial but not going to kill Gabor, put in Long-term hopefuls, and put your dream features in the blue-sky dreams area.

Discussion belongs in the Ideas & Feature Requests forum. If a wishlist item has more detail and can not be summarized in a line then create a forum thread, link to it, and elaborate there. You can also create an article for the item (categorize it "Wishlist"). lordtoran checks in here regularly and will report good ideas to Gabor on the #scourge IRC channel.

Near-term possibilitiesEdit

  • A new model format for characters and integration of some of the better free models available (notably from the game JCRPG)
  • Nicer trees (discussion and links)
  • Harmless animals that roam the outdoor worlds. They wouldn't attack by themselves, but the player could fight them for food.
  • Support for texture splatting, as described on the wz2100 blog
  • Investigate wz2100 as a source for outdoor textures - example 1, example 2
  • Fix texture stretching on steep surfaces - wz2100 uses a technique where a different texture is applied to steep surfaces and blended in (can't find a link)
  • New skinnable main view UI (discussion), with atmospheric themes for different level types.
  • More cutscenes.
  • Books (the artwork and a config file are already there, it only needs book texts and a reader UI). The books would tell the player about more about the world of S.C.O.U.R.G.E.
  • Scrolling cinematic end credits (music and config file are there, it just needs to be coded).
  • Day length in the outdoor world depending on time of year and geographic latitude.
  • Further performance optimizations as discussed in this forum thread.

Long-term hopefulsEdit

  • Multiple layers in levels - ability to go up/down stairs, etc
  • Character models change appearance according to what they are wearing
  • Outdoor maps reflecting the local climate zone depending on their position on the world map. Vegetation, ground texture and weather patterns would be selected accordingly. Done in SVN as part of our persistent outdoor world efforts.
  • Minigames for casual players which are easy to do with the current engine plus a bit of scripting: Tower defense, Monster vs. monster tournaments, simple resource based combat games etc. These would also be useful for tuning the game balance.

Blue-sky dreamsEdit

  • Seamless transitions between levels
  • Persistent outdoor world (discussion) which can be travelled by various means. Key locations would be edited maps and everything between would be generated according to an elaborate ruleset. Very unlikely to emerge before S.C.O.U.R.G.E. 2 ;-) Work on a simplified implementation has been started.

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