The universe S.C.O.U.R.G.E. takes place in is mainly characterized by the noticeable presence of gods and several planes of existence. Also, many inhabitants of the planet Eilana seem to be able to make use of a mentally controllable energy called magic. On the local plane (the material world), the laws of nature seem to be very similar to what we experience on Earth.

The inhabitants of Eilana know that the visible part of the material world contains a number of celestial bodies with virtually empty space inbetween, as well as different planes which can be reached by the use of powerful magic. The evolution of life seems to go through several stages; mortal beings are at the bottom, with advanced beings like the life-spawning Elders or the plane-travelling Arcanex above them; finally the minor and the major gods, which have the power to control one or several planes.

The true nature of magic is unknown so far, but it seems to be usable on all planes and is thus seen as omnipresent, perhaps being an integral part or attribute of the universe.

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Orhithales has been able to unearth the notes of Kalintan, a sage who unfortunately disappeared after returning to a deserted underground facility of the Elders. He did not record the location or character of the facility, probably out of fear his work might be exploited before it was complete, but he gathered valuable Elder knowledge on his first visit there.

Obviously the Elders were advanced enough to recognize the basic nature of the universe, it being a many-dimensional field of the so-called universal energy. All the planes, including the material world, are just different structural manifestations of this energy; they are all different realities within the one universe, with their own absolute laws.

With the universal energy being the basic essence of everything, it is relatively easy to exploit and use by sufficiently advanced life forms. Vice versa, an entity which has the means to control the universal energy on a large scale can alter reality and influence entire planes.

The Elders had recognized the concept of the life ladder too, the principle that life tends to become more and more one with the energy the more it advances through evolution. On the lower end there are life forms able to connect to the energy and set it free in a more or less organized way; the effect known as magic. Higher life forms, or very advanced magic users, are already able to "see" the fabric of reality and manipulate it on a tiny scale. Life forms on the middle of the ladder, another step above, are out of the bodily stage; they are permanently connected to the energy and not bound to planetary surfaces. They are usually collective intelligences seamlessly travelling between the planes. Above that come entities like the minor gods who can manipulate a plane as a whole. On the highest step of the ladder stand the gods, which reside outside of space and time and are probably able to create and destroy entire universes.

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