Plains of garmoskod map

Map of the Plains of Garmoskod.

The Plains of Garmoskod stretch all the way from the Karantil mountain ridge to the eastern coast of Asnodil and are covered by a huge grass savannah. They are the homeland of the goblins.

The Karantil ridge largely prevents humid west winds from reaching the eastern part of the continent. In the equatorial area with the sun always standing high, this leads to an extremely arid and hot climate, in which only robust grasses, bushes and very few trees can survive. The eastern part of the Plains is a bit more humid and green, but keeps its mostly treeless grassland character.

A number of human and a few dwarven settlements exist at the periphery which live from long-distance trade with rare goods, especially precious metals and gems. The central Plains are inhabitated by different goblin tribes which seldom make contact with outsiders.

Regions of Eilana
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