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Individuals Edit

This is a list of the persons you will encounter, in rough order of appearance.

Uzudil the Hand - Middleman of S.C.O.U.R.G.E. Inc.

Melathor of Allovium - An elven wizard with a fondness of potions.

Sabien Gartu - A clumsy but useful mage.

Orhithales Grimwise - A sage specializing in dwarven history.

Mycotharsius - A power hungry sorcerer who turned mad. And undead.

Mothrazu - A lunatic druid against civilization.

Hornaxx - The Goddess of Arguments.

Spawn of Arcanex - An age-old being travelling the planes.

Karzul Agmordexu - A ruthless demon with sinister plans.

Groups Edit

There are also some groups and factions you will hear about.

Order of the Grizzled Pony - A famous group of dwarven terrorist poets.

Groez-Duil - The mountain dwarves of Thuzgol.

Guardians of the Realm - Once a mighty protective force, they disappeared ages ago.

Nightwards - Beings from a world of eternal twilight and stalwarts of the Guardians.