The Order of the Grizzled Pony is a gang of dwarven terrorist poets originally based in Thuzgol, but since having moved on to bring disaster upon other parts of the world. After kidnapping Sabien, they even ganged up with Mycotharsius, which clearly reveals their insanity.

Regardless of their criminal nature, they are still seen as heroes among the mountain dwarves. They are also extremely skilled in the art of dwarven poetry.

"The journey calls me from the rumbling brook

Oh a forth night jaunt in the shady wood,

Adventurer, seek 'ever and tarry not

Be off ere, thy cousin's lot!"

- Dwarven poem

"The Order of the Grizzled Pony is a group of dwarven poets... they keep sending me threats... their letters rhyme and the poetry is awful!"

- Uzudil