On selecting "New Game" in the main menu a windows opens that lets you customize your starting character.

You start with five skill points you have to distribute on your attributes. Choose wisely based on what type of character you want to create. A spellcaster is more reliant on intelligence, warriors need a lot of power, and archers are best off with high speed. Attribute values also influence the initial values of your secondary skills. You will later regain skill points whenever you level up, so don't worry too much now about a perfect setup.

Next you are to select your profession. Professions heavily influence what equipment you can use and which abilities you can gain. Again, your choice should reflect the type of character you have in mind.

You can also select your character's deity. Your choice will determine which magic school you will be most proficient in, and which pools you can successfully use.

Finally, you can select your character's sex and appearance, which is purely a matter of taste and does not influence the gameplay in any way.

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