These are the spells of the magic school of Nature.

Lesser healing touch
Healing Spell of the Lake
Level: 1
MP cost: 2
Increases the target's HP by a minimal amount. The spell's power increases with the caster's level.
Bless group
Blessing Spell of the Lake
Level: 2
MP cost: 4
Drawing on the ancient spirits of nature the caster raises the party's ability to succeed in vanquishing their foes.
Cursed ways
Encursing Spell of the Lake
Level: 3
MP cost: 10
Nature's wraith hampers the target creatures in endeavors great and small. Every activity they attempt seems ill fated, ripe with strife. The more they struggle the more net of the curse closes in. The effects of the spell will wear off after a while.
Remove curse
Curse Removing Spell of the Lake
Level: 4
MP cost: 15
The caster draws from the well of ordered peace that drifts in the void of Earth's creations. With urgency the target's spiritual balance is restored and cursed ways surrendered. This spell un-equips cursed items.
Gust of wind
Windy Spell of the Lake
Level: 5
MP cost: 18
With the wave of an arm in an age-long predescribed sacred motion, the weaver communes with the elemental forces of the wind to create a protective aura around her. The wind knocks all enemies back and causes some amount of sonic damage.