The game could provide a couple of minigames, accessible via a selection in the main menu, to attract casual gamers or provide an additional challenge for regular gamers.

Implementation detailsEdit

Each minigame would probably require its own ScourgeView object and a custom scriptfile. As in the actual game, the player would be able to submit his score.

The individual gamesEdit


Waves of monsters enter a dungeon map on one side and start moving through the dungeon to the exit at the opposite side. The player can place wizards along the monsters' path which cast spells at the monsters. Killing a monster earns the player money, and money can be used to level up or buy wizards. Every monster that reaches the exit loses the player one life. The sooner a monster is killed after it entered the map, the more score points it will earn the player.


The player assembles a team of monsters and sends them into turn based battle against a computer opponent's monster team. After a series of battles, a tournament winner is determined.

Card gameEdit

The player receives a deck of creature, spell and event cards. He then plays the cards trying to weaken and destroy the computer opponent. Each party would have a certain amount of hit points and various resources which are directly affected by the played cards.

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