Masnadil highs map

Map of the Masnadil highs.

The Masnadil highs are an uplands region in the northeast of Asnodil, located next to the Plains of Garmoskod and the Lonely seas. They are the center of elven food production, and the major city of Barmondel at the eastern coast boasts an important trade port. In the southwest, along the Sea of Kemnad, the goblins have founded a couple of mining villages as they have been allowed to extract ore from the mountains here.

The whole region is slightly mountainous with the highest peaks in the south reaching 900 m, flattening a bit towards the north. The east and northernmost coasts are rocky, with jagged cliffs and reefs. No forests exist in the Masnadil highs.

The climate is quite hot and very dry and windy in the south; the central area is temperate and dry, with infrequent but abundant rainfalls; and the northern tip has a subarctic, humid climate with regular snowfall in the winter.

The local elves cultivate the land extensively because the possible impact on nature is minimal in the sparsely vegetated area. Small and medium sized vegetable plantings are the most typical sight. Cereals are also grown for export.

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