The game's main interface is easy to learn and use. It mainly consists of the minimap in the upper left area, and the party panel at the bottom.

The minimap shows your surroundings as seen from above. Objects are blue, walls are gray and doors are brown. Creatures are depicted as triangles in a color corresponding to their feet rings. The minimap's border features markers that help you find your way through the map: Red markers point to doors, blue ones to teleporters.

The party panel has two buttons at the left which pause/unpause the game and let you load and save a game. The pause button changes function to a "next turn" button in turn based battle.

In the top row, the leftmost button opens the character window for the currently selected character. The buttons at the right let you toggle between single-character and party movement, access the options window and quit to the main menu. The 12 buttons between that are the quickslots, which can store items, spells or abilities for quick access.

Underneath, you see the portraits of the up to four characters that make up your party. Left clicking a portrait centers the view on that character; a right click opens that character's character window. Click the "thumbs-down" icon to dismiss a character. He/she will become a wandering hero and can be recruited again later if desired. The bottommost buttons next to the portraits set that character's preferred attack.

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