The game features six magic schools, each one specialized on other types of effects and associated with one of the major deities. Abilities are somewhat similar to spells in that they do unusual things, but they are gained automatically as a character progresses.

Magic Schools Edit

The holy School of the Lake
Greenlight Deity: Amod-Rheinur
Alignment: Neutral
Nature magic concentrates on healing and protective spells.

Divine Awareness
The holy School of the Specter
Cyanlight Deity: Minirmuir
Alignment: Lawful
This school offers a balanced selection of protective and offensive spells, plus a lock picking spell.

Life and Death
The holy School of Karma
Bluelight Deity: Garzul-Meg-Aonrod
Alignment: Neutral
This school provides no directly damaging spells, instead it focuses on manipulating the enemy and resurrecting the fallen.

History and Lore
The holy School of Lore
Orangelight Deity: Xelphate
Alignment: Lawful
History magic features a selection of very powerful and unique spells.

Ambush Trickery and Deceit
The holy School of Chaos
Purplelight Deity: Soroughoz
Alignment: Chaotic
Deceit magic deals with poison and offers mainly offensive spells.

The holy School of the Abyss
Redlight Deity: Unamoin
Alignment: Chaotic
The name says it all. This school is entirely composed of powerful offensive spells.

Abilities Edit

Abilities can either have a permanent effect, in that they may protect or power up a character, or they can be used manually under certain circumstances without consuming magic points. See a full list here.

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