Lonely seas map

Map of the Lonely Seas.

The Lonely Seas are two inland seas of volcanic origin. They are situated between the Northern forests, the Masnadil highs, the Tinran plains and the Plains of Garmoskod. The larger, southern sea is called Sea of Kemnad and the northern one Sea of Masnadil.

The region is not only a popular recreational area, but also a rich fishing ground. The locals, mostly humans but also elves, make good money selling salted fish roe, and other exquisite specialties.

The climate is relatively harsh around Masnadil Sea and the northern tip of Kemnad Sea, with a lot of rain and snowy winters. The south has warm to hot summers and mild winters.

Both seas are very young in geological terms; their formation dates back to the Elder Age, when a huge meteorite hit Eilana above a magma chamber, leading to the collapse of the overlying planetary crust. The result was a giant caldera that today is the Sea of Kemnad. Masnadil Sea was formed by a secondary eruption a few days later.

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