Littoral of orn map

Map of the Littoral of Orn.

The Littoral of Orn is a small region situated between the Plains of Garmoskod, the Dwarven hillsides and the Woods of Allovium. It is less a uniform geographical area than a unique cultural one. Its local metropolis, Orn, was purposefully founded after the Goblin Wars by the Guardians between the settlement areas of three different races. It was an experiment that succeeded: Members of many races live peacefully side by side here.

The west of the Littoral consists of slightly hilly grasslands which are used for farming and raising cattle. The climate is subtropical, with dry summers and hot west winds. The woods in the east have a considerably milder climate and are a popular recreational area.

Elves and humans comprise about two thirds of the population, with established dwarven and goblin minorities. The multi cultural, liberal flair of the Littoral attracts countless intellectuals, artists, dropouts and fortune hunters.

Regions of Eilana
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