These are the spells of the magic school of Life and Death.

Flame of Azun
Flaming Spell of Karma
Level: 1
MP cost: 2
Temporarily blind a group of enemies contained within a 5' cube.
Greater healing touch
Healing Spell of Karma
Level: 2
MP cost: 4
Increases the target's HP by a medium amount. The spell's power increases with the caster's level.
Protective clay
Protecting Spell of Karma
Level: 3
MP cost: 8
The party's armor is augmented by the caster drawing a ward from nearby rocks, clay and roots.
Enthrall fiend
Possessing Spell of Karma
Level: 5
MP cost: 22
The caster attempts to control the target creature's subconscious. This is done by concentrating on extinguishing the flame of perceived self-control which in the target's mind parts chaos from order. Once this barrier is broken subconscious thought gains equal precedence to life support functions and thought-possession becomes possible.
Break from possession
Possession Breaking Spell of Karma
Level: 6
MP cost: 26
The caster attempts to break another magic user's thought-control of the target creature. To break the link of possession, the new caster will have to momentarily subject himself completely to this task and thus proving the selfless valour the gods require to restore the target's control of the subconscious.
Recall to life
Resurrecting Spell of Karma
Level: 8
MP cost: 40
Reaching across the very fabric of the realm of shadows the caster attempts to resurrect any dead comrades. This spell is rumored to have a very high failure rate.

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