Land of the two streams map

Map of the Land of the two streams.

The Land of the two streams is a stretch of marshland located between the deltas of the rivers Danuva and Tormina. In the north and east it borders the Gusty hills and the Karantil ridge, the Downs of Urimel in the south and the Dark waters in the west. The region is sparsely populated, mostly by humans, and agriculture is difficult because of the wet soil. For the same reason, most settlements are built on poles.

The climate is warm and extremely humid, with only a three-month dry period per year. The north is partly forested, while the south is swampy and covered by high grass and scattered mangrove groups.

Regions of Eilana
Argol woodsBitter plainsDowns of UrimelDwarven hillsidesElven hillsidesFarmondel islandGeinaror ridgeGrimvil peninsulaGusty hillsIsle of EmerilKarantil mountain ridgeLand of the two streamsLand's endLittoral of OrnLonely seasManar lowlandsMasnadil highsMinat lowlandsNorthern forestsPlains of GarmoskodSwamps of ArthelTinran plainsWestern forestsWoods of AlloviumWoods of Urtep

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