Isle of emeril map

Map of the Isle of Emeril.

The Isle of Emeril is a large hilly island west of the equatorial latitudes of Asnodil.

The only significant settlement is the village of Emeril in the very south. It is infamous for the nearby monastery of Minirmuir which played a central role during the second demonic invasion. The rest of the island is very hilly with only a few bigger plains which are mostly swampy. A small mountain ridge that can only be traversed on a pass in a height of 2300 m divides the island into a northern and southern part.

The climate is fully tropical, but due to the elevation, temperatures are comparably mild. The very south which is mostly flat exhibits a mediterranean climate due to mild sea winds.

Most inhabitants of the Emeril area are humans. A few dwarves settle in the hills which are barely tolerated by the locals.

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