These are the spells of the magic school of History and Lore.

Ole Taffy's purty colors
Identifying Spell of Lore
Level: 1
MP cost: 3
Ole Taffy's parting gift to the world of magic was this spell which he used to briefly glimpse information about his surroundings. When used with sufficient skill, this spell displays the true nature of items and creatures around. It may even reveal traps.
Call for Help
Summoning Spell of Lore
Level: 2
MP cost: 8
Entering a dream-like state, the caster browses her experiences of battles of the past as she attempts to summon forth a vanquished foe. If she succeeds the summoned creature will fight alongside the party and vanish once combat has ended. Should her focus waiver, however, the called upon creature may break free and turn upon its master.
Art of protection
Protecting Spell of Lore
Level: 3
MP cost: 12
Resistance to magic is increased when the caster's lore of magics is explored.
Invisible Spell of Lore
Level: 4
MP cost: 15
The target's mortal shell is temporarily stripped from the soul, resulting in partial invisibility. The strength of the connection of body and soul is not to be denied however, and soon the effects wear off when the two meld again.
Teleporting Spell of Lore
Level: 5
MP cost: 22
By focusing to remember details about another location (HQ in this case) the caster is able teleport the entire party to that location. Use this spell to return to head-quarters when the battle is too intense. Just remember, upon failure, this spell may place you in an even less desirable location...

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