Farmondel island map

Map of Farmondel Island.

Farmondel Island, named after the major trade town of Farmondel located at its northern coast, is a large island east of mainland Asnodil. The population is mostly elven in the north and west and mostly human in the south and southeast. As humans and elves traditionally maintain a good relationship, the region is highly developed and safe to travel.

Most of the island is slightly hilly, with a mountain range in the southwest. The southern half exhibits a near-tropical climate with one dry and one humid season, while the north has a temperate climate with relatively mild winters.

Farmondel Island is widely known for its scenic landscapes and rich cultural heritage resulting from an eventful past of naval warfare, sieges and multiple renaissance periods. Many a thinker decided to spend his most creative years here. In the absence of large-scale wars and untouched by the demonic invasions, the towns of Farmondel and Korluma have retained the classical pre-Guardians architecture, and several well-preserved ancient castles exist.

Farmondel boasts an important trade port and a bank district and is thus the financial center of the entire northeast.

There is some agriculture along the east coast, as well as winegrowing, but most food is imported from the neighbouring Masnadil highs.

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