The Elders were a race of superior beings which apparently played a vital role in the rise of civilization during the early Elder Age. The first elves had appeared by their action as the first sentient race on Eilana as early as sixty years after an elemental event called "The Awakening". Only animal life had been in existence before, and most of the world was covered by primeval forest.

It is seen as highly probable that the Elders also made the energy source known as magic available to the inhabitants of Eilana, and possibly left at least a few undiscovered artifacts, as well as a few obviously artificial land features.

It is not known until today who the Elders were, where they came from and what their motives were. It is only sure that the sages, who came into existence only a few decades after the elves, did not come to meet them personally anymore.

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Some of the sages, including Orhithales and Uzudil, have been spending centuries locating and analyzing ancient inscriptions, artifacts and obscure pieces of knowledge. This way, they first found out that they themselves were brought to life to assist the spreading of civilization and knowledge. Further evidence pointed to the Elders being a nomadic, slightly eccentric and thus unbeloved race able to travel the empty space between the worlds. Their ships were apparently big enough to house the population of a city and produce all needed everyday goods. The facts hint at that they initially did not visit Eilana by purpose, but it seems they spent at least a few hundred years on the planet.

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