Downs of urimel map

Map of the Downs of Urimel.

The Downs of Urimel are a big stretch of relatively hilly terrain south of Urimel, at the west coast of Asnodil. The land gradually ascends from east to west; the easternmost third of the region is nearly flat and dominated by grasslands. West of Urimel, the terrain becomes increasingly uneven and, near the rocky west coast, almost mountainous.

The Downs are mainly populated by humans, but there are also a few dwarven settlements in the southeast, where the region borders the Karantil mountain ridge.

The east and the lower hill lands are tropical and extensively cultivated; in many areas the crops span from horizon to horizon. For this reason, the region is called the "bread basket" of Asnodil. The more elevated west has a milder and very windy climate where cabbage and turnips are grown.

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