These are the spells of the magic school of Confrontation.

Stinging light
Stinging Spell of the Abyss
Level: 1
MP cost: 2
The caster hurls a number of projectiles of light at the target. Upon contact with a creature the projectiles cause searing damage. The number of missiles increases with caster's level.
Divine Aggressor
Aggressive Spell of the Abyss
Level: 3
MP cost: 8
Arhareim, the hammer of gods in conjured to envelop the party in seething warlust for a period of time.
Malice Storm
Storming Spell of the Abyss
Level: 4
MP cost: 12
The caster summons vast energies of the astral plains. These appear as tendrils of malicious energy penetrating the material plane.
Ring of Harm
Harming Spell of the Abyss
Level: 5
MP cost: 20
Enraged with hatred for his foes, the caster becomes a focus of conduit for Unamoin's earthly manifestation. Intense waves of malevolent energy spreads from the castor's body seeking to eradicate hostile life-forms around him.
Unholy Decimator
Decimating Spell of the Abyss
Level: 6
MP cost: 24
Spoken of only in hushed tones, the Unholy Decimator is the creation of the undead baul wizard, Shamoul the Morbid. A vortex of unholy energy drains a single victim of its very life-force.

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