The character window consists of 3 major sections: The equipment section at the upper left, the attributes section at the upper right, and the backpack in the lower half.

By default, the equipment section shows the paperdoll where you can equip and unequip items from the backpack. Just drag and drop items there for dressing maneuvers. Using the buttons left of the section, you can also switch to the spells and abilities tabs which list your magical powers. The fourth tab lists details about your current mission and objective. The two buttons at the lower left of the section let you cast a spell/use an ability and store a spell or ability in a quickslot.

The attributes section gives an exhausting overview over the character's attributes, secondary skills, combat related values, magic resistances and active status modifiers. If the character recently leveled up, you can assign the available skill points to secondary skills using the small buttons next to their bars.

The backpack contains all items you carry around but don't have currently equipped. To drop an item, just drag it outside the character window and let go. If there is enough space on that location on the map, the item will be dropped there. Underneath the backpack you see a few buttons: They allow you to use an item (for example, eat food, sip a potion or cast a spell contained in an magical item), transcribe a magical scroll into your spellbook (learn the spell), enchant an item, open an item's information window or store an item in a quickslot for fast access.

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