Bitter plains map

Map of the bitter plains.

The bitter plains are the southernmost continental region on Asnodil. As the name says, the weather is not particularly pleasant.

From the west, where the regional metropolis of Balfian is located, until the east, where the major town of Nederian exists, the climate becomes progressively harsher, from cool-temperate to subarctic with very long winters. Cold southwest winds bring below-average temperatures all year.

The hills in the mideast of the region have gem deposits which are claimed by both humans and elves. This conflict is not resolved yet and has often resulted in armed disputes. These are notoriously downplayed by the officials in order to not put the traditionally good relationship between both peoples at risk.

West of the hills, the population is mainly human, east of them it is mainly elven. The hills are also the only area which offers protection from the icy winds, making agriculture on a modest level possible. The local farmers designate themselves as "masters of the scythe" not without a reason. In addition to screwing kale and turnips out of the soil, they have to fend off partisans on a regular basis.

Regions of Eilana
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