These are the spells of the magic school of Deceit.

Silent knives
Attacking Spell of Chaos
Level: 1
MP cost: 3
The caster summons a knife which is magically hurled at the target. The power of this spell increases with caster's level.
Poison of ignorance
Poisoning Spell of Chaos
Level: 3
MP cost: 10
The caster entices the bile from the world's ignorants to damage a group of creatures near the target.
Transmute poison
Poison Neutralizing Spell of Chaos
Level: 4
MP cost: 15
Drawing upon the strength of the soul the caster fools the target creature's body into processing poison as if it were a harmless substance.
Blast of Fury
Blasting Spell of Chaos
Level: 5
MP cost: 22
After some time spent in meditation upon pain and carnage, the caster unleashes her thought's physical manifestation as a wide cone of anti-matter fury.

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