S.C.O.U.R.G.E. - Heroes of Lesser Renown is an open source 3D role playing game. In the fine tradition of Rogue or Nethack you are fighting your way through randomly generated dungeons, collecting treasure and slaying relentless foes. The game features an isometric realtime 3D engine and boasts lots of eye candy, yet it still runs well on low end hardware. Dramatic music and spooky sound ambience further increase the immersion, and randomly generated missions guarantee unlimited replayability. Being open source, the game is constantly improving, and you are free to download, copy, distribute or - should you feel generous - contribute and help improve the game. S.C.O.U.R.G.E. packages are available for all major operating systems.

Game Features

• Full 12 chapter storyline
• Secondary, randomly generated missions
• Original fantasy setting with a pinch of humour
• Turn based or real time combat - you choose!
• Melee, ranged, and magical combat
• Outdoor maps with villages
• Dungeons and caves
• Dozens of monster types
• Hundreds of items
• You can gain a new profession, and new abilities, by visiting trainers
• Smart monster AI: monsters will find countless and unpredictable ways of harassing you
• English, German, Italian and Spanish localization
• Full soundtrack
• Ambient stereo sound
• Weather effects (rain, fog and thunderstorms)
• Free software

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